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Content counts!

Getting your business’ website professionally translated into another language may be a significant investment for your company. In the process of selection of a translator, you invest a considerable part of your working day looking for one, negotiating terms and conditions, explaining your requirements, as well as exchanging possible additions and edits to your pages. After a number of days, you have your website masterfully translated into Russian. The site looks marvelous! The text is skilfully translated page by page from the original site, and you expect a storm of activity. But… nothing happens. No visits, no conversions, no increase in sales from the targeted market. The new pages do not work.

Many times before I mentioned in my blog articles that a properly translated message should always result in the response it got in its original language. But what does this “properly” mean in the context of live content marketing? The problem above appears to be the lack of customization of the original message. While the content is translated literally (between the two languages), it may not translate well culturally or commercially (between two business personas: you and your customer). For the message to come to life, it needs to be carefully prepared and customized precisely to address the market of your choice. In other words, it needs to be visual and engaging for the audience you target. It needs specific Russian customer-centred content.

Over the past ten years or so, content marketing has been increasingly on the rise. It is based on learning the expectations of the potential markets. Such knowledge results in preparation of a valuable strategy of content publishing to the targeted readers in a form that is attractive to them. Below, I list some of the aspects of the linguistic services I provide to my exporting customers. As a PhD-level writer, I deliver original and thoroughly researched Russian content for your marketing materials.

Blog posts, recent activity on your site

Making your website alive with relevant and updated information about your service. This makes your website active and visible for the Russian customers and search engines alike. Blogging may also be shared and sent viral via different Russian professional media, such as VKontakte and Professionali. It can also be published as the Russian content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, attracting Russian audience to your website.

Informative graphics

Visually appealing information about your products and/or services. For example, you may wish to visually display features, which make your product or service more appealing to your Russian customer.


Summaries of research projects, recent export legislation (currently one of the hot topics on a Russian market!) and newly received product accreditation. This information enhances the company profile as a market leader and reassures the customer that they are dealing with most informed supplier and receive top range, value adding technologies.

E-correspondence (emails, newsletters)

Preparing electronic communications for mass-distributed bulletins, depicting latest developments and offers for your Russian customers. This material needs to be prepared with careful segmentation in mind to ensure that it reaches its targeted audience.

Press releases

Are you attending an exhibition? Are you exhibiting anywhere in the world? Are you launching a new product or service? Do you have a major event you want to promote? Tell your Russian partners / customers about it in Russian.

Guides, product manuals and brochures

Publish the product-specific information for your Russian clients to demonstrate how easy it is to work you.


As marketing tools, videos are rapidly becoming some of the leading working assets. Imagine if you could address your Russian audience continuously by talking to them and explaining the benefits of dealing with you in the language they understand?

Case studies

Published examples of how your products or services have succeeded within the Russian market in the present political and economic situation. As a result, such materials increase credibility and reliability of your company for the Russian buyers.


Manufacturers and service providers use webinars more and more to promote their products and/or services. How about preparing a targeted presentation in Russian for your Russian audience?

Social media updates

A well-managed lively and interesting Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter account can spread the word about your services within minutes and reach thousands of readers.

At Russia House I will also be able to guide you to the professional film makers and graphic designers specializing in Russian marketing materials.

I am looking forward to discussing content ideas for your business!

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