Large, medium and small document translations.

At Russia House most of all the translations are produced in-house, ensuring highest quality and accuracy of work. I have a trusted team of fellow confidentiality-bound qualified translators that can handle projects large and small, including complex contracts and technical manuals. 

We have proven experience in producing written translations for clients in Oil and Gas and Heavy Industry, Maritime, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Tele- and Radio-Communications, Banking, Marketing, Market Research, Media, Engineering, Property.

We are happy to translate in any required formats, such as online; TV, Radio or mobile devices.

Certified, Sworn and Notarised Translations

As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a professional, registered for work at any judicial sector in the United Kingdom, I am glad to offer CertifiedSworn and Notarised Translations of official documents, such as education certificates, marriage/divorce/birth/death certificates. 

Certified Translation will be stamped and signed by the translator to guarantee that the translation is the true and accurate reflection of the source document. This is the most common type of the official translation.

If a Sworn Translation is required, the translator swears an affidavit before a legal representative that the translation is produced by him/her personally and he/she assures its accuracy.

In a Notarised Translation, an affidavit is sworn before a Notary Public that the translation is produced by a specific translator (present in the room) personally and he/she assures its accuracy.

We are often able to advise on what type of service you may require.


This is a very special type of translation service that we offer. This service is pertinent for clients seeking a second opinion from a highly qualified translator to ascertain whether an already existing translation of their contract (or any other document!) is accurate and trustworthy.

Proofreading can include a final checking and correction procedure, verifying terminology, as well as final editorial touches.

Please, contact Russia House at to discuss your requirement.